MediaPoles – Because Seoul Can Never Have Enough LED Displays

Gangnam LED 2

It doesn’t take a genius to admit that LED displays are somewhat of a necessity when it comes to a fashionably modern metropolitan city.

Well, Seoul Metropolitan Government, in consortium with Cheil Worldwide and Kwangin decided to shell out 10 billion won (around $9 Million USD as of today’s exchange rate) to put twenty two 12.4 meter-tall LED display towers along the main Gangnam street, one of the busiest streets with highest pedestrian and vehicular traffic volume in Seoul.  This move was in accordance with Seoul government’s latest effort to improve overall design and appearance of the city since Seoul became 2010 World Design Capital.

Gangnam Street display




A series of 22 networked touchscreen-enabled displays went operational in July 2009 to serve both sides of the street; pedestrians could access information on public transportation system, surf the internet, take photographs and have them sent via email, play games, view regional information via LCD touchscreen (480 x 640) interactive interface, while passengers in vehicles or pedestrians across the street could view LED display (LED res: 80 x 768) that spans the height of each MediaPole.  Each MediaPole doubles-up as a street light, featuring a bright source of light cast upon the pedestrian street that towers over it, as well as a security camera that watches over the street.


22 MediaPoles playing synchronized video clips in bright LED & LCD screens definitely compound the city’s dynamicism.  The only thing unsettling might be that the government now has a panoramic view of the entire stretch of Gangnam through its network of camera-equipped MediaPoles.
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  1. Nice! That is pretty cool actually (if a little creepy). Wonder if they'll have the same security complaints Google did for their street view cameras. Eitherway, so gotta try that one. Wonder if I could tweet, post pics or whatever from there and have other people across the street see it. That could make for some fun, if potential avenue for more unscrupulous types to have their …er… less appropriate materials show publicly. +_+

  2. They have similar digital touchscreen signage systems in subway stations now. They have google-map equivalent that you could play around with along with other features i didn't get a chance to check out yet. Definitely good for killing time while waiting for the next train.

  3. 저도 미디어 폴 좋아요~ . 2010년 말고도 오세훈 시장이 계속 미는게 '디자인서울 '여행도시(여성이 행복한 도시)' 여서 작년에도 디자인은 계속 신경써왔어요. 도로 표지판이나 지하철 푯대도 바뀌고 명소의 안내 간판도 바뀌고 있다능~미디어 폴은 최근엔 강남 이외에도 드문드문 세워지고 있답니다. 꼭 저 모양은 아니지만요!