Co-working spaces in Seoul popping up

Korea Co Working Space

Co-working spaces have been a recent trend with people flocking to them all over the World. For those of you who don’t know, coworking spaces are community spaces for like-minded independent workers and developers to work. To put it simply, it’s an alternative to coffee shops as a place to work out of. Coworking spaces exist in countries throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and elsewhere but one has yet to be established in Korea. That is, until now.

Korea Co Work Space


The first coworking space called CO-UP launched its beta phase last week. The beta phase lasts until the end of February and during this time, visitors will be able to use the coworking space for free. The official launch starts on March 1 but it is still unclear as to what type of pricing will be in place then. Ejang, the founder of CO-UP, says the beta phase is a chance to gather feedback from the community on many issues such as pricing and what the house rules should be.

Korea Co up

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CO-UP is located near Hakdong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on line #7 and is around 5 minutes from exit #8. The facilities include a coffee bar and a conference room with a projector.

While Korea has gone without a single coworking space until now, those looking for a place to work are in luck as a second place, called Seoul Space is being developed. Seoul Space is also located in Gangnam-Gu on the Southern side of Seoul. To commemorate the launch of Seoul Space, a launch party is being held at 8 PM on Wednesday, February 10 at I Am So in Apgujeong-dong and is open to everyone.

Seoul Space is located near Sinsa and Apgujeong station on subway line #3 and Hakdong station on line #7.

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  1. wow it sounds really good working place we have here in Seoul.I am not sure how many people would use this place, maybe it depends on how much would be.I think it might be expensive, but I wish it would be affordable.

  2. That sounds quite reasonable. If someone were to pay by the month, would it include any storage space? For example, if I wanted to set up a desktop workstation (without bringing equipment in and out everyday), would that be an option?