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Twitter Loves Korea

We finally get to say it officially…

Twitter launches services in Korea!

Evan Williams giving a press conference in Seoul

Couple pics from the Press Conference in Seoul this morning at the Banyan Tree Spa and Resort.


Official Twitter Korean services launched:

-  Korean language version available via Twitter.com

- SMS to tweet now officially available using hashtag #1234 (via local telecom LG*U – #3 Korean telco)

-  Twitter Registration now available via DAUM.net (Korea’s #2 internet portal— note: second to NHN which owns me2day, Twitter’s local knockoff competitive service).

There were lots of general questions by the press, and lots of cool little talks afterward, but those were the main announcements.


Bonus: Check out the short, but fun invitation that went out

Twitter Loves Korea

We’ll give a more detailed report later…

Posted on January 19, 2011 at 1:23 pm

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