Do Chinese People Look Like Korean Celebrities?

Yet another Korean app is going global. The popular 푸딩얼굴인식 (Pudding Face Recognition) is now available in Chinese, English and Japanese versions.

In English the app is called “Korean Celeb Face Match” and it does just about what you’d expect for app by that name. Upload a picture taken with your phone’s camera and the app shows you the five Korean celebrities you most closely resemble. It also attempts to determine your age and sex, but its abilities in this regard fall far short of the highly trained professionals employed as age guessers at carnivals around the world.

This app is huge in Korea claiming 6.2 million installs on iPhone and Android platforms. However, it’s not clear if the developer, an arm of Korea’s largest cell phone carrier, KT, sees an actual market opportunity or if this is merely a test to see if they can develop apps for other languages and markets. Korean television dramas, movies and musical acts are popular across Asia, turning Korean heartthrobs into regional stars.

Korean Celeb Face Match has a lot to live up to if it hopes to achieve success similar to other Korean apps that emigrated beyond the peninsula. The oft cited Kakao Talk messaging app now claims 19 million users globally. Air Penguin, a casual game that makes use of the iPhone’s accelerometers, hit number one in the iTunes App Store back in April.

Will 푸딩얼굴인식 ride the Korean wave to success or wipe out? Time will tell. (Press Release)