“This Week in Startups” Global Web Show is Coming to Seoul!

Twist Meet up in Seoul


For the first time in Asia, the global Internet show, “This Week in Startups” will be doing a live global episode from Seoul. (Check out the official Twist Seoul site here: TWISTSEOUL.com) We’re honored to be hosting the event on August 27th at Seoul Space. We caught up with one of the people helping to organize the event, Jason Demant, to find out all of the details.

  1. First off, tell us, what is “This Week in Startups”?This Week in Startups is a global Internet show focused around technology startups. It’s hosted by famous entrepreneur and angel investor, Jason Calacanis. The show is tremendously popular among entrepreneurs and investors. It’s been around for 2 years and now averages 100,000 views per episode.There are two 1-hour shows per week and each episode has a slightly different format. The most common format is the host, Jason, invites an entrepreneur on to the program and he interviews him or her about their company and how they got to where they are.

    On the Friday episodes they typically change it up and do a roundtable discussion on the latest Internet and technology news.

    Finally, they’ve recently begun doing international meetup episodes where once-a-month, one international city hosts a meetup. In that city, 6 companies compete in front of an audience and then the audience helps pick the 3 companies that get to appear live on the show. During the live broadcast, the 3 winning companies pitch via Skype and afterwards, Jason critiques the pitch and the company live on the air. They’ve done international episodes in London, Paris and Santiago, Chile. “This Week in Startups” Seoul is the first one in Asia!

  2. What kind of companies are you looking for, for the event?If you’ve got a startup company or just an idea, you should apply. The exposure you can receive from the show is an incredible opportunity! Plus we’re working on some other exciting things for the winning companies as well. Stay tuned to our TwistSeoul.com site.
  3. When and where is the event?If you’re a company, the first event will be August 24th, it’s a pre-pitch event where we’ll narrow down the applicants to the top 6 companies. The main event is going to be held Saturday, August 27th starting at 9:30am. I know it’s an early start, but in order to make the time work with the TWiST team in LA, we had to start early. Besides an awesome event, we’re also going to be providing the audience with lunch and refreshments, so it’ll be worth it to get up early. Plus the audience will be the one’s voting the 6 companies down to 3.
  4. Is the event going to be held in Korean or English?
    For our first show, unfortunately, the event will only be held in English. Because it’s an international show with an international audience, you’ll need to pitch in English. For future episodes however, we may try to come up with a combination.
  5. When is the deadline to apply?For companies that are interested in pitching the deadline is Wednesday, August 17th 11:59pm. And for people that are interested in attending the event, the deadline is Sunday, August 21st 11:59pm.
  6. Where do I sign up and find out more information?We have applications for companies interested in pitching and for people interested in attending the event. And if you have any questions, leave a comment below or send me us an email to Contact@TwistSeoul.com. You can follow us on Twitter @TwistSeoul as well. And if you tweet about the event, use our hashtag #TwistSeoul.

    Seoul Space “TWiSt Seoul” Event Listing

    Official “TWiSt Seoul” Website

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