Achieving Successful Innovations: An SRI Perspective with Stephen Ciesinski (INVITE)

Annnd we’re back! ^^  We have tons of news, changes and updates on the way (the reason for the recent quiet on the blog, sorry all!)…but let’s start with an Seoul Space OPEN/FREE Speaker series event with the Samsung Ocean App Development Center:

Title:  “Achieving Successful Innovations: An SRI Perspective

Speaker: Stephen Ciesinski
Vice President, SRI (Stanford Research Institute)
SRI website:
SRI invented such technology as: the computer mouse, ATM and SIRI (Apple 시리)

Time: Friday, April 27, 2012  / 1:00 PM ~ 2:30 PM  (with open Q&A and networking)

Location: Samsung Ocean App Development Center
Seoul, 12th Floor Samsung-dong Building, POSCO intersection (detailed directions below)

일 시: 2012년 4월 27일 13:00 ~15:00
장 소: 삼성앱개발센터 (서울 삼성동, 포스코사거리, 삼성동 157-1, 12층)

Brought to you and Sponsored  by: Seoul Space & The Samsung Ocean Development Center

* Limited seating so sign up now! (sign up form below) *

발표는 영어로 진행되며, 통번역은 지원되지 않습니다.



“Innovation” –or lack of–is often one of the most criticized aspects of the Korea tech scene, of Korea enterprise and even of Korean society. Innovation has always been an integral part of the tech, and especially startup ecosystem and community and this has only becoming more so with the current second wave of tech-startup-fever.

As such, Seoul Space proudly invites you to hear about innovation from Stephen Ciesinski, VP of one of the most renounced and influential centers of innovation in the world: SRI: the Stanford Research Institute. You might not know SRI by name, but if you live —the world— then you know some of the somewhat successful inventions like, the computer mouse, the ATM, or more recently, SIRI (yes, as in Apple’s iPhone voice recognition software SIRI). ^^

It is an free, open event so we welcome all those in the startup community in Seoul, and visitors with the curiosity for all things tech… please sign up and join us for this informal, great opportunity for some 1v1 time with Stephen.

Stephen will be speaking at the Samsung Ocean Center, a great resource for top developers in Korea as is, and even better place to plant seed for perhaps the next-greatest innovations in mobile and beyond.


Stephen Ciesinski, Vice President, Strategic Business Initiatives
Stephen Ciesinski has overall responsibility for SRI’s commercial R&D business development, international offices, innovation programs, corporate energy and automotive sector initiatives, strategic marketing, and other corporate programs.
Ciesinski’s professional experience includes a variety of industries and businesses-consumer products, semiconductor capital equipment, telecommunications, mobile/wireless, applications software, Web 2.0, open source, medical devices, and many others. As a corporate officer, board member, advisor and investor, he has participated in or managed numerous strategic events, including new business formation, major product launches, private financings, IPOs, M&A transactions, and leveraged buy-outs.

Over the course of his career Ciesinski held executive management positions with Applied Materials, the global manufacturer of semiconductor capital equipment; Octel Communications, the worldwide leader in voice-messaging products; Resumix, Inc., the inventor of Web-based personnel recruiting applications; and Laszlo Systems, a pioneer in Web 2.0 software and provider of complex Internet applications to Global 2000 and telecommunications service operators. He started his career at Procter & Gamble, was a consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, and also served as a venture partner with Earlybird Ventures.
Ciesinski is past Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Union College and is a lifetime trustee. He is also Chairman of The President’s Cabinet at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), and a member of three boards at Stanford University.

Ciesinski is also currently instructing in Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford’s Business School and is an advisor to several Silicon Valley-based ventures. Ciesinski is a graduate of Union College with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Modern Languages, and received an MBA from Stanford University. Ciesinski and his wife are founders of the Kalele Foundation, dedicated to providing character and self-esteem development experiences for disadvantaged children.

오션센터의 첫 스피커 스티븐 시진스키 를 소개합니다. 현재 스티브는 Stanford Research Institute (SRI) 에 VP로 R&D 개발 과 사업전략을 담당을 하고있습니다.  스탠퍼드에서 Entrepreneurial Studies 를 강의하고있고, Silicon Valley에 위치되있는 많은 스타트업 들의 Advisor 역활을 하고있습니다. 국내 창업자들, 개발자들한테도 많은 관심을 보이고있습니다.

Some examples of SRI innovations..


(OR) here:
온오프믹스 :: [세미나] 혁신의 성공을 위한 SRI社의 접근 방법 [204]

(OR) here:

DIRECTIONS POSCO intersection (포스코 사거리) Kangnam-gu, Samsung-dong 157-1, Samsung-dong Building (12fl., Samsung Ocean Center). KOREAN: 삼성동 157-1, 삼성동 빌딩 12층) Landmarks: Our building has INTERPARK sign on first floor. Next to A+ building which as a JAVA CITY. Across the street from GOLDEN TOWER and YAHOO. Diagonally corner across from POSCO building.

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