Top 5 apps in Korea for the 1st week of February 2013 (iPhone App Store, Android Market, SKT app stores, KT Olleh,LG U+ and Samsung)

Hello everyone! This week, we bring you yet another look on the top 5 applications in Korea.

With the discounted sales of paid applications, the popularity of arcade and rpg games, it seems that game related applications have once again dominated Korean app stores, especially Google Play.

The game that we should all check out this week is WeMade’s newly launched ‘Wind Runner’. It immediately garnered enormous interest and took the top rank after its launch on January 28, 2013. Sadly, last week’s number one game ‘Bow’ has slid back to second place. But seeing that both games are launched through Kakao Talk, it’s hard to determine which game will rein king next week.


Elsewhere, users seem to be reminiscent of the past as Final Fantasy 2 is ranked just behind iTunes’ 1st place winner Final Fantasy1. Once a popular PC game, its fame has moved onto the mobile platform.

Shifting from games, we would also like to introduce a special app from Olleh market’s paid application section. The flashlight app is not only useful in the dark, but its clever functions allow users to display different lights and mood.

This week has once again been dominated by games and Kakao Talk. Eversince the launch of Kakao Talk, it has never once left the app stores’ top 5 list. How long do you think Kakao Talk will capture Korea’s app market?

Well thanks for being with us and be careful not to catch cold in this cold weather! Meanwhile, check out the rest of the list below 🙂


Free Apps

1. Bow for Kakao

2. Everybody ChaChaCha

3. Kakaotalk

4. Warstory for Kakao

5. Temple Run 2


Paid Apps

1. Minecraft-Pocket Edition

2. Asphalt 7: Heat

3. PowerAmp Full Version

4. Super Hexagon

5. Swampy



Free Apps

1. Windrunner for Kakao

2. Free belling for iOS 6

3. Tapsonic Ringstar

4. Drawingtalk for Kakao

5. Auction Used market


Paid Apps

1. Final Fantasy

2. Final Fantasy 2

3. When you are asleep!-while/id374208989?mt=8

4. The Bard’s Tale

5. Zone TV



Free Apps

1. Armed Heroes

2. Dark Slayer

3. New Moorim Fight SE

4. Gun & Blade

5. UBIkey


Paid Apps

1. Asphalt 7

2. 2013 Traditional Fortune telling

3. Healing Tunes

4. Kakaotalk sticker Emoticon pack

 5. Opera Tunes



Free Apps

1. UBIkey

2. Photo Japan guide

3. joyn

4. Kakao talk

5. Olleh Smart bill


Paid Apps

1. Everybodys Flashlight

2. Kakaotalk Minecraft theme

3. Paladog

4. Tree of Urbis

5. Piano practice



Free Apps

1. Music belling

2. Fortress 2 Red

3. FreeStyle 2

4. 2012 Pro-baseball

5. Zenonia4


Paid Apps

1. Paladog

2. Circle Battery Wizet

3. Air Penguin PLUS

4. Super speed

5. Mobile Samgukji 2



Free Apps

1. Photo Editor

2. Kakao Talk Font

3. Polaris Office 4.0

4. Modern Combat 3

5. Free Snap Pad


Paid Apps

1. Muffin Knight

2. Crazy Rings (Bubble Puzzle)

3. Magic Cheonjamoon

4. From Cheese – S Pen Edition

5. Let’s sing with ToonBo season 1 : My name is ToonBo!

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